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Social/ Welfare Health Care

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Social Welfare/ Health Care

What should the government do to alleviate poverty? should privatizing welfare services even be an issue at this point? Should access to heatlh care be increased or should health care even be treated as a fundamental right? George Bush had big ideas for his second term. He promised to fix Social Security, America's public pensions system, and patch up the tax code. Despite his best efforts, Social Security reform sank along with health care. With almost one year to go, Mr Bush seems less a radical reformer than a struggling lame duck. We can defintely asks ourselves has health care just became a commodity or is it a right? There are definitely practical reasons to encourage health cafй for the community at large. Illness such as Tuberculosis can spread amont the population if they are not contained by treatment. It goes without saying that a healthier population makes for a more porductive work force. But practicality itself does not mark health care as a right.

A right is the result of the evolution of an idea. The choice to label something as aright is clearly a social build. Our "right" to smoke or drink alcohol are examples of rights that have changed in response to changing our ideas. Changing societal ideas lead to a general, majority agreement. The consensus creates the rights we understand as inalienable. They are only as unalienable as we make them. The emergence of a right is most or the time taken step by step. Sometimes its only clear to see when looking back that a right has actually been firmly established. By noting the duties or obligations that have been places on us, we can only assume the existence of a right. We have definte duties in respect to health care. For instance, a parent who does not seek medical care or attention for a dependant child can most defintely be punished for neglect, regardless whether the gaurdian can pay for the care or not. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act regulations require that a hospital must provide medical care to anyone who is looking for that care. If legally we're required to give medical care to people, then by all means their entitled to it, which also means it has clearly become a right.

A general sense that health care is considered a right is also a reflection in the growth of medicaid and medicare. When its comes to our well being, we all know that it just hasn't been the same, being deprived of the things that many people depend on from day to day can actually be fatal.. I think it has everything to do with our president and our government. In the process, he and the government managed to drag down our social welfares as well. To understand poverty we must first know what poverty means. The actual definition on poverty describes one of being in the condition of lacking what is needed. While it is appropriate to be concerned about the difficulties faced by some poor families, it is important to keep these problems in perspective. Many poor families have intermittent difficulty paying rent or utility bills but remain to have living conditions that are far above the world average. Coming from a poor childhood, one thinks that whether they choose to stay poor is entirely up that person. It's understandable that a child



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