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Good Parenting

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Good Parent

What defines a Good Parent? By definition it is someone who gives birth to offspring. However, there is so much more. Parenting consists of many elements such as Love, Attention, Support, Guidance, and Discipline.

Love is the most important and most powerful emotion; consisting of both heart and mind. Emotion is a state being, often accompanied by physical reaction.

A deep affection for a child must exist. Affection is part of the love. Devotion to the child, which is love given without question. No strings attached for the love the child needs to achieve full potential. A fondness for a child is part of the loving a child; taking pleasure in being a Parent. A Good Parent.

Giving the child all the attention it needs for the development of their mind and body. Nursing the child to grow up healthy; nurturing to their every need to make them feel safe and gaining their trust. So the child knows that they will not get hurt; to look out for the child's best interest. Knowing that the child is always is taking care of.

Parenting is also about giving proper guidance; guiding them in the right direction. Help lead a child to choose the correct action; the proper way to conduct them selves.

Supporting a child mentally is essential for a parent; helping the child strengthens mind and body. Fulfilling the needs of a child is a key ingredient for gaining the trust one needs to be a good parent. The parent needs to be patient, tolerating the learning of the child. Actively in favor of whom the child wants to be.

Discipline is the tool in which a parent sets fourth rule for the child to obey, training the child mentally. Enforcing the rules for the child, when the child breaks the rules there is a punishment. Discipline also builds the character the will have through out life. Character consists of the child's attitudes, interests, actions,



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