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A Good Parent

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A good parent is someone who is always there to support his or her child with unconditional love, patience, and care. Any parent who cares for his or her child financially and emotionally, devotes time and energy to their children, and is willing to do anything to show there love and support for their child, is a good parent. The high level of care and support a parent shows for his or her child, or lack thereof, can have a lasting impact on the child’s life. In addition, care can influence, to a degree, the amount of success that the child has throughout his life.

A good parent must have an abundance of patience with his or her child from the time the child is born until the offspring is well into his teen years. When a child is extremely young, the parent must teach his basic ethical values and right from wrong. Young children are continually doing things that are not suitable because they do not know any better. A good parent shows his or her child what is acceptable and unacceptable by teaching him basic norms of society. As the child ages into his preteen years, good parents continue this process of molding their child into a respectable young person who knows right from wrong. As the child reaches his teen years, their siblings and peers have a greater influence on their lives. Good parents continue to be there for their children at all times.

Good parents also strive to spend as much quality time with their children. Although parents are usually busy with their jobs to support their children financially, they must be their for them emotionally as well. Parents are usually wiser than their children. Good parents realize that emotional support is just as important to the continued development of their children as is giving them food and shelter. Although the lives of parents are sometimes busy and hectic, they continue to give their children time to talk and develop



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