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Boys And Girls In Parents Eyes

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The relationship between a son and his parents is almost always different than the relationship between a daughter and those same parents. Why is this? Should the rules be different for males vs. females in the homestead? Maybe not but this seems to be the situation in most cases. I know this is true in my household while I was growing up. It seemed I could get away with murder while my sister did much less than I did, and managed to get in more trouble. Was it because her behavior was worse than mine? Not by far. In my opinion it is because little girls are looked at as being vulnerable while little boys seems very self-dependent. This may be because girls, or women in general, seem to be victimized much more commonly then men or boys. The earlier curfew may be in effect simply to protect them from the unknown. (Ray Rocheleau)

Being the oldest son of divorced parents, has left me seeming like the man of the house. I have probably played to biggest role in watching over my younger sister. This has shown me first hand what it's like to watch over a daughter figure. I spent a lot of time worrying about where she is, who she is with, and whether she is safe. I think if I had a little brother I would worry less because chances are, he would be less of a target to predators than a blonde haired, blue eyed, teenage girl. I have scared away so many teenage boys, it's ridiculous. I feel if my little brother was bringing girls around the house, I would probably cheer him on and be in favor of him having as many girlfriends as he wished. (As long as they're attractive) It seems totally contradictory having a little sister. I want her to be with the ugliest, nerdiest guy in her school. (Never the case) I think someone nerdy and unattractive will be less likely to take advantage of her. None of these decisions are mine to make and when it comes down to it, I have to trust her to make the right decisions.

It is hard to compare youth



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