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Go Ahead..Drink And Drive

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Alcohol, used by people as a depressant but usually used to host parties. Unfortunately, people begin to abuse the privilege and luxury of drinking a fine drink by drinking too much and undermining the blood alcohol limit which stands today at 0.08%; however, this limit refers to when you are driving or operating a vehicle. Now I find it pains me to see people get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they are clearly in no condition to drive as their alertness and awareness has now been deteriorated for the meantime or next few hours. Nonetheless, everyday, people continue driving while intoxicated and it is clear the suspension of licenses and fines are not helping make the already terrible situation better.

There is now a countless number of cases of drivers being caught by police officers DWI (driving while intoxicated). When the last consensus took place it was reported that 600 000 people were arrested and given jail time for DWI in Canada last year. Now the law states the first time you are caught you are given a $500 fine and one night in jail. For the ones caught a second time around they are fined $2 000 plus a 30 day suspension of their license and one night in jail. Lastly, when caught a 3rd time these people were given a $50 000 fine, 1 year suspension of their driver's license and 3 months of pending jail time. Of those 600 000 arrested 600 000 (100%) were arrested a second time around for DWI and 423 000 (71%) were arrested for being caught a third time.

As a concerned citizen of Canada, I have been conjuring up some ideas of ways to solve this never ending problem of DWI. Not only are these people a danger to themselves but to the other innocent people around them. Last year alone, 253 657 people were killed because of drunk driving and that does not include the drivers. I do not see why we should tolerate such behaviour from reckless fools driving on our roads. It is immoral that we should allow such people to navigate our streets intoxicated and harm the lives of others. I ask you why six people should die because of one foolish act from one foolish person. I say different. We must bring an end to these irresponsible acts.

Now the time has come that I introduce my personally constructed plan to end these imprudent actions. Seeing how these people cannot seem to comprehend how badly their actions are that they would rather drink and threaten the innocent lives of others they should not be allowed to exist in this world. A new punishment that I think should be very well carried out for these offenders when caught for the first time, and first time is all it will take, is that they will get all the alcohol they want and ever desired through an IV in a medical center. I find it personally to be the perfect solution considering how these dim witted people always want to drink and drive. Now they can get all the alcohol they want.

The process is very simple. When an officer stops a man or women because there is some discrepancy in their driving and they find out they have a blood alcohol level over the legal limit of 0.08%, they will simply be brought into the police station and from there go to the Federal Courts, and that person will be tried and convicted of drunk driving; therefore, sentencing that person to death using liquors and such. Since they will be injected with alcohol through IV, over a few hours or so depending on the persons mass, they will eventually die of alcohol poisoning. The alcohol will just flow through the body infesting every region, the entire blood stream



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