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Drinking And Driving

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Cool Drunk Drivers

Three years ago I realized that drinking and driving is a very serious problem. My best friend Brandon had everything a job, a car, a girlfriend, and a promising future as a college athlete. All of that changed when he decided to drive home from a party after having a few beers. After dropping off his friends, Brandon fell asleep at the wheel, crashed his car into a tree and was then hit by another car. For nearly three months, he remained in a coma and then spent several more years in rehabilitation to help him re-learn basic motor functions such as walking, talking and swallowing. For the rest of his life, he will likely suffer from dangerous seizures, impaired speech and memory loss.

That is just one of many stories told by friends, family, and victims. Driving involves multiple tasks, the demands of which can change continually. To drive safely, one must maintain alertness, make decisions based on ever-changing information present in the environment, and execute maneuvers based on these decisions. Drinking alcohol impairs a wide range of skills necessary for carrying out these tasks. Alcohol has a big effect on the way people drive. Many studies show that the risk of being involved in a crash increases as a driver's blood alcohol level increases. As the blood alcohol level rises, the risk rapidly increases. Drinking and driving is a seriously increasing problem in the world today. It can turn a person's life around in just a matter of seconds. Let's look further into how it can turn a person's life around.

The law states



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