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Advocating For Increased Awarness Of Drink And Drug Driving

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Essay Preview: Advocating For Increased Awarness Of Drink And Drug Driving

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Q1) Drink and Drug driving appears to be an ongoing concern on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Over the past few years there are statistics available that directly identify drink driving in particular as a an issue that concerns the entire community, including police and manly court magistrates.

In fact in 2002 crime and safety surveys conducted by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed Northern beaches residents identified dangerous drink driving as one of the most serious neighborhood crime problems(Manly Local Council;2002).

Drink Driving was viewed as a crime of significance in the Manly Local Area Command in 1998/99 as drink driving was at 674.1% per 100,000, which is three times higher than the wider Sydney rate, and second only in NSW to Campletown (Manly Local Court; 2004) and more recent statistics only serve to reinforce concerns, as on 10/5/07, 44 drink drivers faced Manly Local Court (Manly Daily; 2007).

Beyond the mere criminal and judicial aspects of drink and drug driving there are other factors that make this issue worth advocating for including;

□ Public safety across all spectrums such as other motorists and pedestrians

□ Alcohol and other drug related illness

□ Co-occurring anti social behaviors that go hand in hand with alcohol and other drug use

□ Concerns around poly drug use and there compounding affect on driving ability.

Q2) One could advocate for addressing concerns around drink and drug driving by developing such projects as

□ DA@T, which aims to increase awareness of the dangers associated with the behaviour, re-enforce existing levels of education and challenge existing attitudes and cultural norms via the tafe administration and other governing bodies.

I would further take into account the principles of the Ottawa Charter and use this framework to advocate for change and the development of healthier public policy around D&D driving. This would of course require being in contact with various government and non government organizations and developing a range of policies that are legislated and supported by these agencies in conjunction with providing resources and tools/ mechanisms for members of the community and target audience to best be able to access information and thus help themselves to increase their knowledge and awareness around issues concerning D&D driving.

This could be practically achieved through promotions, fliers and relevant open days, advertising across media and within licensed premises.

Q3) There are a number of barriers to advocating for the reduction of D&D driving on the Northern Beaches. Such barriers include;

□ A cultural attitude or "' Norm" that promotes the widespread use/misuse of alcohol as a socially acceptable behaviour

□ Community attitudes towards the use of illegal substances either on their own or in combination with other substances

□ The belief of some individuals that driving under the influence of certain substances actually increases their ability to drive better.

□ Lack of funding

□ Lack of resources

□ The late opening hours of licensed premises

□ The high concentration of licensed premises on the Northern Beaches , especially in the Manly area

□ Confusion around Standard drinks and what is deemed to be drinking within the RTA guidelines, and the ''shouting' mentality that fosters consumption beyond recommended safe drinking levels

□ Restaurants filling glasses constantly throughout patron's meals.

Also with direct respects to Manly Corso it has been found that barriers include

□ A lack of safe and convenient transport alternatives

□ Lack of suitable overnight parking options

□ Irresponsible service of alcohol

(Crime Prevention Plan; 2002)

Q4)This college could play a beneficial role in the health and safety of the student body specific to D&D driving by,

□ Acting as a deterrent to D&D driving via the current D&D driving campaign which includes the using of tools such as surveys and Quizzes that highlight the dangers of the behaviour and subsequent legal ramifications of getting court

□ We can work in conjunction with other agencies , local council, police to develop strategies to help reduce the incidence of , and negative impact of ,alcohol and drug use when driving

□ Display a large billboard that promotes and reinforces safe consumption of alcohol

□ Reinforce standard drink knowledge

□ The TAFE student association could be encouraged to increase the amount of relevant educational material that is provided for students in student orientation packs and student association common areas.

Q5) the key stakeholder groups/individuals that



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