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Global Warming

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The Global Warming phenomenon is considered by many a silent killer given that it stimulates the rising of temperatures, a greater moisture and higher frequency of rainfalls that will promote the further propagation of vector-borne diseases at higher elevations. Global warming accelerates the development of the mosquito and its biting activities as the air becomes warmer. Consequently, its transmission will be increased and its population will replicate at a faster velocity. For the reason that global warming produces a boost on temperature that is of extreme vitality for the life of the Anopheles mosquito (the malaria carrier), cold locations will get warmer, setting just the ideal climate for the malaria mosquito to populate. Nevertheless, scientists have divergences with each other constantly on this affair. Many insist that global warming is the foundation to such growth but others attribute this outcome to economic and social factors such as population growth and urbanization, human mobility, war, natural disasters, resistance to insecticides and air conditioning. Therefore, there is a high degree of uncertainty of whether or not global warming is blameworthy on this matter but the reality is that a warmer world may not be the cause for such a significant increase on malaria but a poorer world. There is a substantial sum of evidence that has demonstrated that the "renaissance" of malaria in sectors where it was not seen before is associated to the augment of temperatures and climate alterations. Hence, global warming plays a deep function on the escalation of malaria but taking into consideration that this climate event consumes a colossal amount of time to generate noteworthy changes in the globe, human involvement can avert malaria from becoming an obscure reality and thereby lessen its magnitude.



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