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Global Warming

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Essay Preview: Global Warming

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This exercise is intended to introduce students of General Biology to the art of literature survey and scientific writing. The paper will be evaluated on the bases of substance, adherence to instructions and style as indicated in the syllabus.


The title

1. Must be chosen carefully from topics to be covered in the course and must answer well defined question(s). For example, why is PHOTOSYNTHESIS such an important process in the ecosystem? A possible title that could answer this question would be "Energy Conversion in the Ecosystem" and this could be a title.

2. Should be accompanied by a one half-page description of the scope and substance. Five points will be earned when this is done correctly the first time.

3. Must not deal directly with the symptoms and cures of human diseases.

4. Must be associated with current research findings

5. Must be submitted for approval prior to development (Lecture Professor will announce the due


The paper

1. Should be a review, 6 pages long (i.e. including LITERATURE CITED). A title page and a table of contents must be included. These are not part of the 6 pages.

2. MUST BE TYPED, double spaced with 12 points font size and 1 inch margins and must not be "right justified"

3. Scientific names of microorganisms, plants and animals must be italicized and written in

accordance with the binomial system of nomenclature

4. Should be broken up into the sub-sections INTRODUCTION, THE BODY OF THE PAPER (which should have an appropriate sub-title for each important subject matter), CONCLUSION and LITERATURE CITED. Please do not write THE BODY OF THE PAPER in your paper.

5. Page numbers (pagination) must be inserted.

6. A maximum of 95% will be earned for this exercise. Lecture Professor will announce the due date.

The research materials

1. Should not be older than 6 years (i.e. 1999 till 2004 inclusive).

2. Should be preferably PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES. All utilized articles must be paraphrased (i.e. explained in your own words) to avoid plagiarism.

3. Should never be adopted internet articles meant for general public information since these are not peer-reviewed and cannot be authenticated.

4. Should de-emphasize the use of textbooks. If ever textbooks are consulted, no more than one should be cited. Dictionaries are not scientific research materials and are not acceptable.

5. Should never include press reports (Newspaper and magazine).

6. At least six materials must be consulted.


1. Must be placed in the body of the paper to indicate the source of an idea, information or quoted material. Such placements should include the last name of the author(s) and the year of publication in parentheses and separated by a comma. The following examples describe all possibilities;

(a) (Inglewood,



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