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Global Management

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This tells about the issues of global expansion, and it helps you to understand the importance of cultural knowledge during an expansion. This is a look at the different factors that could go wrong during a company's global expansion. This helps you to evaluate factors and avoid the pitfalls that can come.

Global Operations Management


There are companies that embrace and envision change. The expansion into other companies is a definite change that a lot of companies have embraced. It would be nice to say all change comes without a hitch, but this is not true. Expansion comes with good, but it also comes with issues. There are many challenges globally.

What Are Some of the Issues the Host Foreign Country Could Face As A Result of the Expansion?

Introducing expansion into another country has many issues to discuss and look into by the host company. The element that is influencing a countries usage of technologies is external and internal factors. External factors are the willingness of the retailers to conduct business globally. Internal factors consist of the growth rate provided by the host country, and it is done by the obtainable human and physical resources.

It is important to have the necessary communication set up. This is a vital element. It is possible not to have sufficient intercontinental links. It is possible to not have reliable equipment, and it could be almost unobtainable to obtain and sustain electrical power. Computers could be antiquated or inadequate, and it is possible not to have any computers. Then, there is the possibility to have slow or weak signals, or the progress to load or upload could be slow. There could be a desired upgrade in a lot of the countries where there is desired expansion.

One of the question to be asked is, are the skills there to set up and operate an international company? The culture where the expansion will take place plays an important role in the worker's skills. The host country carries a lot of the weight of success, if they provide the appropriate work ethics, policies and attitudes, and they show appropriate attitudes for achievement. Specialized knowledge is not prevalent in certain countries, so there is a struggle to gain the capable workers.

Needless to say, some countries are live in poverty. The shape of the economy today reigns true for a lot more. There is a lower income possibility, so the performance of a business in these countries could be hard to sustain. No matter the circumstance, there are definite issues to overcome.

What Cultural Barriers and Diversity Issues Are Commonly Encountered By International/Multinational (MNC) and Global Organizations?

When business is done internationally, it is important to be trained. Management should be trained on the different practices in business and foreign trade dynamics. Management should also be trained in international exchange rates and the legal-political and sociocultural traits of other countries.

Proper training will allow management the ability to recognize legal issues. There could be some countries where bribes are acceptable, and others recognize bribes as illegal payments. Then, there is extortion. This could cause a conflict of right and wrong, the conflict of US law and foreign culture.

The socio-cultural factors are important in international expansion. Socio-cultural factors are values, beliefs, attitudes, and trends of the host country. It is important to learn as much as you can. This will help to recognize and control culturally specific behaviors. If you have knowledge of the culture, their motivational techniques can be used. The cultural differences can cause a difference in workers of the same title responsibilities. Different educational equivalence can be difference culture to culture. This is the reason management should remain aware of cultural differences. This will allow for effective management. There should always be an awareness of the surrounding culture around. There should never be a thought that all foreign culture think alike. The differences should be acknowledged and made addressed.

Why Has Diversity Become Such An Important Topic In the International Arena? What Can Occur When Issues Related To Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Ignored In An International Company?

Diversity has become an important topic in the international arena. Cultural diversity is a common occurrence. This diversity is a normal part of life. This is what mankind or the human race is made up of. Such diversity is embodied in the uniqueness and plurality of the identity of the groups and societies making up humankind. This diversity in the human race plays its part in the business world. This is especially true in a multicultural business environment and international business expansion. When you deal with international business, you deal with diverse races, cultures, and religion. No matter the diversity, it is important to respect people gender, ethnicity, cultural,



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