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Global Assessment Of A Manager

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To be a manager based on global factors, one's way of conducting business must be culturally sensitive and understanding to the other country's environment. It is a blunder to offer a firm handshake as a sign of courtesy in a foreign culture only to find out it was interpreted as an insult. Understanding cross-cultural differences would lead to smoother business.

There's also the factor of globalization. Expanding business beyond the home country to other foreign countries, it is required that managers make strategic sound decisions on how to expand. Depending on the products and services of the company, it is good to know the measure of the response of a foreign consumer population to make an informed decision.

For example, let's say a silverware company in the US wants to sell forks and spoons to a country that does not culturally use forks and spoons. It would not be a good decision to expand to that country. On the contrary, if it so well did that the country does use forks and spoons, and they decided to expand. It would be a wise and sound decision.

Global Assessment Form

1) Mental agility - someone capable of looking at things from many different directions. Just like you said, selling forks and spoons to a place that doesn't use them won't work -- but maybe selling the fork for something other than eating -- or making a slightly different product. Stuff like that.

2) Always learning - You want someone who eagerly wants to learn new things. Someone who likes to stick with the status quo won't survive.

3) Respectful - If someone is rude or arrogant that will not last a minute with a foreign labor force

4) Language ability - Let's face it, you can't lead from behind a translator.

5) Cultural Awareness- Know how the foreign country work to interact smooth.

6) Business Professionalism- You got to have a clean cut appearance when representing a company.


-As managers how have interpersonal communication enhanced your perspective on dealing with international



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