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Dbq Essay

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The path of the revolution endured from about the 1610's to the 1780's. Here is where our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, etc. made adjustments to several documents, like the U.S Constitution and lead up to the creation of our Declaration of Independence. These adjustments dealt with either having a too strong or a too weak government. Throughout the early 1600's to late 1700's the relations between the colonial period and government have made decisions that may have been successful or created struggles to the colony, but after observing the effects such as bankruptcy due to taxes, battles because of unfair treatment, soldiers being house without permission, etc views changed forming our constitution.

The beginning started with The "House of Burgesses" when they first met at Jamestown in 1619. [Document 2] Here they met in reference to the Virginia Plan and making improvements like regarding tobacco's profit. Although, minor adjustments were made such as who they traded with, changing prices, getting more workers, etc. So, in the colonial period changes were made to better money and power. It was to keep control and order over the colony by proceeding in actions that were bettering the government.

Then the amount of important products grew over the period. Now stamps, tea, wars needing soldiers, sugar and more. There were complaints in 1765 about taxation that could damage England. [Document 4] There began to be taxes put on stamps, tea and currency. All of which were personal gain in the beginning. "Taxation without Representation," as most people said, however changes occurred.

In 1770, Britain and America went into battle for America's freedom from the British hand. The British rule and the total amount of taxes/money they wanted were not only for personal wealth, but to keep America poor. "It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices



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