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From the Evidence/data Gathered,

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From the evidence/data gathered, it was concluded that there are some relationships between the surface area to volume ratio and the rate of diffusion. This means the surface to volume ratio matters most in the diffusion of acid into the model cell. Moreover, the experiment results, seen on the table shown above, explain the fact that the cells with larger surface area to volume ratio have more efficiency in diffusing essential nutrients much faster. Looking at the data, it is obvious that smaller cubes have a bigger surface area to volume ratio, which can be translated as the smaller the cube, the bigger the rate of diffusion. If there were a large surface area to volume ratio, there would be more flow of solution in and out of the cell, but if a cell gets too large, there would be a smaller surface area to volume ratio, which would not create enough flow of solution into the cell. Additionally, to draw a comparison between this experiment data and the other group’s data, there tends to be a similar hypothesis, but the other group had a slightly different rate of diffusion. For example, the diffusion rate of the other group for claim one was 1-minute difference for the agar cube of 0.5 cm cell and 5-minute difference for the agar cube of 1 cm cell compared to this group’s claim 1 data (shown above). Even though there was a slight difference between this group’s diffusion rate and the other group’s diffusion rate, both groups tend to have a similar surface area to volume ratio, which helps to explain the validity of this group’s hypothesis. Therefore, it can be concluded that cells are so small because cells facilitate the diffusion. Also, it has been determined and supported by the evidence obtained through the experiment that the diffusion of nutrients in and out of cell is more efficient and faster when the cell has a smaller shape, and larger surface area to volume ratio, which relates to cell size.



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