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Foundations of Marketing Management - Mk201c

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Foundations of Marketing Management - MK201C

Fall Semester, 2017 - Department of Marketing, College of Business

Monday Evenings 6:30 pm-9:10 pm – RM 347

Course description and requirements:

MKT201 Foundations of Marketing Management.  This course exposes students to a systems-oriented approach to marketing that is both theoretical and applied. Students examine the major social, economic, and global forces that challenge the marketing manager today and, in the process, learn marketing methodology used in the field. Prerequisite: BUS101 and Sophomore standing

Instructor information:

Kevin J. Gainor , Faculty of Marketing, College of Business, Bryant University, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917


Campus office:  Adjunct offices in the basement level of the Rotunda: Cube area I.

Phone and messages: 401-232-6336 Dir; 401-232-6573 Fax; 401-232-6259 Diane Costa, Assistant:

Bryant University web site:

Office Hours: Monday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (or scheduled on as needed basis)

Required course materials:

Essential elements:

[1] Marketing THE CORE, by Kerin, Roger; Hartley, Steven; and Rudelius, William, 6e [McGraw-Hill];

[2] Online privileges for ConnectPlus [from McGraw-Hill with subscription fee, paid for either separately or as a part pf the textbook package price], and

[3] Online privileges for Practice Marketing [from McGraw-Hill with subscription fee, paid for either separately or as a part pf the textbook package price].

A complete required course “package” has been ordered by the Bryant University Bookstore that fulfills these requirements.  See Appendix A, for other particular options and specific instructions on how to acquire individual parts of the publisher-generated materials this course section requires.  

Course URL via McGraw-Hill:

Irrespective of how and from whom a student acquires the required course elements, the McGraw-Hill CONNECT URL for this course is:

Strongly recommended [but not required]:  a subscription for personal reading

Wall Street Journal.  [See Appendix B for details on how to acquire a limited-time, student rate.]

Course philosophy, goals, and objectives

Philosophical approach and goals.  The purpose of this course is to encourage each student to continue their journey in terms of becoming a business professional with a particularly heightened awareness of a wide range of national and international business matters relative to marketing and corporate strategy.  Beyond this course goal, there are four specific philosophical objectives that guide the course process for students:  

1.  To explore the role of marketing as a fundamental business and social process, as well as an organizational policy process and to develop an understanding of fundamental marketing concepts, theories and principles in areas of marketing policy; of market and consumer behavior; of product, distribution, promotion, and pricing decisions;

2.  To learn the functions, roles, and knowledge requirements of marketing management, with emphasis on key qualitative and quantitative intricacies of marketing decision making.  Underlying this ambition is the more fundamental goal of promoting the development of essential personal and manager-relevant qualities: judgment, decision-making, wisdom, and ethics;

3.  Specifically enable students to [A] appreciate the “customer focus” of a successful business which is at the heart of marketing efforts and how to segment and target markets; [B] describe the marketing mix elements and explain how they are used to develop and refine effective marketing programs to reach global and domestic target markets; [C] identify the categories of external environmental factors and discuss how they influence marketing decision making; [D] recognize and discuss the various ethical issues that companies face when marketing their goods and services.

Conduct of the course

Course preparation, sessions, and attendance.  This course examines the principle concepts that define and provide the framework for marketing management activities.  Although a survey course, in-class time will be devoted to extending and applying concepts outlined in the assigned readings.  Class sessions will be devoted to a combination of lectures and discussion.  In-class participation by class members is strongly encouraged.  

Since student participation is an important element in the conduct of the course and student evaluation, attendance is fundamental prerequisite to any and all participation to occur; indeed, from the professor’s perspective, regular, on-time attendance and participation is considered as a standing professional “appointment” in which each student is obliged to honor in a business-like manner.  

In short, students will be responsible for any and all information considered in class and, except for the most unusual and limited circumstances, absence from class will be viewed as indicative of a lack of commitment to the purposes of the course and will be factored into the final grade as a negative consideration.

Assignment submission rules.  As a “general rule”, no late assignments will be accepted.  If a student is required to be absent for a University-sanctioned event, assignments that have a deadline during the away period of time must be submitted prior to the assignment deadline, electronically submitted at the time that the assignment was otherwise due, or have made prior alternative arrangements in advance.



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