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Food a Basic Necessity for Human Living

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CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1.1 RESEARCH BACKGROUNDFood is a basic necessity for human living. It is the major source from body toget nutrients by absorbed into the body to be used as energy source, build bodytissues, repair worn out tissue and nourish the body (awojobi, oladukum & Oladele,2014). Food service business is one of the fastest growing and most diverse segmentsof the hospitality industry. Over the past decade, fast food restaurant had beenundergone a tremendous growth worldwide and including Malaysia (Arma, Jazira,Azuan & Tajulurrus (2017). Moreover, the concept of quick service restaurant is as ameeting point to socialize or for business discussion, reduction in leisure time andmany more. According to Lassen, Lehmann, Andersen, Werther, Thorsen, Trolle, &Teten (2016) stated that most of the customer is from family groups, young workingadults, children, students and tourists. As a proof, it is reported that 70% of customerwho patronize quick service restaurant in Malaysia are students, particularly the teenmarket (Lassen, et al., 2017). Supportive argumentation can be found in Garg (2014)that said university student market are expending and young adults had chosen quickservice restaurant or known as fast food as their daily meal. In Malaysia, the demandof rice to wheat- based product such as flour, bread, and various convenient andinstant foods are high among Malaysians (Jaini, Mahmood & zaib, 2014). It isimportant to understand the key factor on differences perception among Malaysianmarket on quick service restaurant within the country (Garg, 2014). In this day,competitor in quick service restaurant is kept increasing and it become critical forrestaurant to differentiate them in order to appeal more segments in the industry(Baltazar, 2011).



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