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Fish Essay

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Mary Jane is a worker that had found herself in a rut. She was working a job that she didn’t really enjoy, and to top things off she has found herself in an even worse situation. Imagine having to work in a place that people refer to as a “toxic energy dump”, at her job at First Guarantee that is exactly where she has to work. Despite the given circumstances Mary Jane proves that attitude is everything. The whole premise of the book “Fish” is that work is what you make of it, and depending on your willingness to make it, you can enjoy yourself no matter what. All it takes is choosing your attitude and living in the moment.

Mary Jane was a widow, single mother of two kids. She was promoted to a position on the infamous third floor that so many of the other employees enjoy making fun of so much. Can you imagine being promoted to a higher paying managerial position and not being thrilled? That tells you right there the kind of reputation that the third floor of First Guarantee has earned. When Mary Jane took the job she realized that the workers did not enjoy doing their job, and it almost seemed as if the workers were physically there, but completely absent minded about their working environment. The work that had to be done on the second floor was very important to the company, however Mary Jane felt that just because of that factor the employees shouldn’t go about their jobs in the manners that they do.

Mary Jane wanted to change the reputation of the third floor, so she set out to do things that would help boost the morale of her workers. She actually set goals such as; work being done adequately, positive attitude, having fun on the job, and always being present with the customers. Mary Jane was actively seeking the answer to the problems that plagued the workers until one fateful day she got into a conversation with one of the worker at the fish market. She was so influenced by the conversation that she had that she decided that she wanted her floor to be transformed to a energetic, happy people that had a positive attitude. She was so serious about the plan that she



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