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Informative Essay On *Nsync

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Essay Preview: Informative Essay On *Nsync

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The pop-R&B group, *NSYNC is taking the world by storm. Males and females alike appreciate *NSYNC's great talent. With their individuality, music and dancing, and good looks, they seem to captivate and impress not only the teenage generation but older generations as well.

The group was named *NSYNC after group member, Justin Timberlake's mother, Lynn, realized that the last letter of each of the members' names made up the word *NSYNC. It is easy to distinguish one member of *NSYNC from another. Group member Justin Timberlake is nineteen years old and is from Memphis, Tennessee. People recognize him by his good looks, and curly (and sometimes frizzy) blond-brown hair. Chris Kirkpatrick is the oldest member (also the shortest and has the highest voice) at age twenty-eight. He comes from Clarion, Pennsylvania. Joseph Anthony Fatone (Joey) is twenty-three and from Brooklyn, New York. He is easily recognized by his striking red hair and Brooklyn accent. James Lance (Lansten) Bass is twenty and from Mississippi. He has the lowest voice. Last but not least is Joshua Scott Chasez (JC) from Washington D.C, age twenty-three. JC has been dubbed, "Mr. Serious" by his group-mates.

Formed in 1995, *NSYNC prides themselves on their "five-part-harmony" style singing, a cappella singing, performing, and precision dancing. A "five-part harmony" is a vocal arrangement made up of five parts. In *NSYNC's case, soprano (Chris), alto-tenor (JC), tenor (Justin), baritone (Joey), and bass (Lance). *NSYNC are such good singers that many times during interviews, disc jockeys ask them to sing a portion of one of their songs a cappella, or unaccompanied by instruments. *NSYNC's performances are always action packed and entertaining. Many of their performances include high-energy dancing which *NSYNC spends countless hours working on in dance studios. Much of *NSYNC's dancing includes acrobatics



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