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Film Schindler’s List

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Essay Preview: Film Schindler’s List

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After viewing the film Schindler’s List there were powerful emotions that came to play. While most are familiar with the Holocaust, this event was one that was most horrific. One may ask how such an event can occur in a society. The individuals who were labeled as Jew, were sought to be seen as lower class and undeserving of the same privileges as those who were not. One social-psychological principal comes to mind when thinking about how so many individuals can be rational in believing that this kind of behavior is tolerable. Group think is one where there is a leader, and those who set aside their own personal beliefs and conform to one opinion.

Those with self-defeating behaviors usually feel a loss of self control. Individuals who partake in self-defeating or destructive manner, usually have low self-esteem or have their ego being threatened. These types of individuals may have emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. “Emotional stress has also had a link to self-defeating behavior. Anecdotal observations have long suggested that highly distraught people are more likely than others to do self destructive things.” (Beaumeister, 1997) One example of this is a good friend I had who has ulcerative colitis. I had become aware that during times he was fighting with his spouse, or was laid off from a job he would have “flare ups”. It was not the fights or loss of jobs that caused the flare ups, but rather he would become depressed and stressed out. His self-esteem would become very poor and he would not take care of his body. This included poor diet of fast food and smoking.

Self defeating behaviors can cause significant concern. Another reason self-defeating behavior is a problem, is by nature the problem will increase, or simply remain a problem because of the loop tendency. For example I have an aunt who believes she has poor social skills. Because of this she is unwilling to make an effort to form new relationships.



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