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Schindlers List Reaction Paper

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Schindler's List Reaction Paper

Schindler's List has been argued as Steven Spielberg's greatest film. The truth is that this movie was Spielberg's masterpiece as a director. I have seen Schindler's List three times to date, and every time I watch it, it gets better. The movie itself is in majority a sad one, I like to think of myself as an optimist and even when I am watching the movie it is hard to find the good hidden amongst the bad. This movie is not just a movie, but also a documentary delving into the past to find the noble during the evil. It is a story of utmost courage and honor. Oscar Schindler faced incredible odds when he gave himself the task of freeing the Jewish people. If he had been caught he would have been executed and I have no doubt that the Jews he was protecting would have been shot as well. To say that Oscar Schindler was anything less than a saint would be blasphemy in my opinion.

I think one of the most interesting things about this story and this movie is the way that Oscar changes throughout the film. From the beginning he did not hate the Jews, but he used them as a means to a profit. He exploited their cheap labor and the war to make himself wealthy while others were growing poor. Keeping this in mind his transition is nothing less than a miracle, to have someone with so much power and influence begin to nurture and protect the Jews. Oscar eventually comes around and begins to help the Jews about the time they are moved from the ghettos. From that point on he uses his own money to support and pay for them. In the end he saves eleven hundred Jews. This movie is one that shows the epitome of humanism.



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