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Schindler List - Sources of Power and Influence

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Sources of power and influence

        Regarding our leader in action Oscar Schindler, I will cover some important points of his sources of power and how he used these skills and power in order to influence.

        Oscar Schinlder considered a leader and a hero and that leads many to think, how can this man be a hero? What would possess him, with all of his influence and money, to risk his own life to save the lives of thousands of people he has never met?

        Schindler was an ordinary man with extraordinary power that he used to save 1100 human lives during the Holocaust of World War II according to the Schindler's List movie. How did he use his powers and influence in order to save people and be a leader?

        Schindler took over previously Jewish owned companies that dealt with the manufacture and sales of the enamel kitchenware products in order to sale that productions to the German army, however, Schindler was merely a trustee. Confident persons like Schindler tend to be leaders more so than those who lack a sense of confidence and are insecure. Schindler influenced people and run their businesses because he acquired the knowledge and has a total understanding of the situation that time, so the result impressed others with his complete expertise.

        Looking more for his own power he employed mostly Jewish workers. This, in turn, preserved them from being deported to labor camps. Here Schindler used and offered reward power for Jews people who had the opportunity to work for him. He wasn't blinded by Jew-hatred. He developed relationships with his workers. That time Schinlder became known that he is trying to help Jews and saving their life by retaining them.

        Later on Schindler found out through some of his Jews workers were being sent to the brutal Plazow labor camp. This is where Schindler’s connections with the German government were so useful, and he used his Know How power and legislation power here because of his position, so he convinced and influenced Goeth the Nazi soldier who was in charge of building the Plaszow labor camp, that he needs to keep making money, and that he has to be able to bring "his" Jews out of the Plaszow camp to work in the factory, because he believes his factory was vital for him and the army and that he needed to be trained and skilled workers. Schindler begins devoting more and more of his personal resources to assisting the Jews in his factory and protecting them from Goeth's labor camp and his random, senseless acts of murder.

        Schinlder during the movie he convinced the German soldiers to open the water hoses on the imprisoned humans in the train, while the primary purpose for Schinlder was to let people drink from that water. On the other hand, Germans thought he is doing that in terms of fun. Schinlder had the power to influence the Germans, because he is a well-known person and has a extensive connection with them. And absolutely Schinlder had the courage to fight for the freedom of his workers. Schindler devoted infinite amounts of money not only spending for the upkeep of his workers but paying the authorities. Schindler was arrested because of his way dealing with the Jews. Each time, though, he found a new excuse or paid a little more money to the soldiers or the authorities in order to set him free.

        Schinlder was a source of hope for those people and he rewarded them by turning suffers into comfort. Schinlder had the power to influence German Soldiers because he understands their thoughts, knowing your opponent can grant you the chance to influence and convince.

        Schinlder has to convince Goeth—with the help of some giant piles of cash— that he's not actually saving Jews but just trying to sustain his business going. He talks the powers that be into permitting him open a munitions factory near his hometown in Czechoslovakia. Subsequently he has to spring the women and children from a misrouted train to Auschwitz, even convincing a guard that the little children slated for extermination are genuinely his essential workers.



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