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Fictional History Of English

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Ð'...It has been hard on all the men and women to be separated from their families, but the bio-habitat is almost complete and prepared for co-habitation. The scientist and engineers have come together and worked overtime to create habitats for their families. Though our colony has simply been named "Moon," I have noted that the men and women have drawn upon their backgrounds in engineering and various scientific fields for the naming of the individual habitats and podways. I myself gave the name Diaspora to my podway to express my feelings at being separated from my "Mother Earth." All the Moonites, as we are now called, are anticipating the addition of our husbands, wives, and children. They will add more variety into our conversations so that we will desist in speaking only in scientific terms with a focus on survival. It may be a bit of an adjustment for them to learn some of the new vocabulary their spouses and parents have been using on a frequent basis. I have also noticed a minor increase in the "verbing" of our language that began on Earth with words like "access" moving from a noun to a verb. Besides our families, we are also expecting a shipment of hydroponic farmers to continue the manual labor our agriculturalists have begun in the gardenways. I am not sure of the type of people our founders on Earth will send, but we are eager for any change after over five months of primarily the same conversations. We also hope to attract the attention of other tradesmen to fill the gaps our society. We lack many of the people-groups that are in place on Earth such as religious leaders (though I have been serving as such and have already performed one marriage between a botanist and a bio-chemist), medical personnel, food service providers (of these we have serious need), and laymen for such tasks as waste management, the construction of furniture, and the likeÐ'...It



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