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Feminism In America

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Feminism, in the dictionary, is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. However, it can be more justly defined as the desire for equality between a man and a woman. This is a strong desire, as both sexes have their own physical and emotional needs. Feminists believe that men and women should have equal rights in politics as well as other social concerns.

Ever since the mid-1950's, women's rights activists have been more active than ever in history, and thus has resulted in more and more equality between men and women, more so every day, in fact. There have been numerous women's social movements throughout the past decades, and with each of them the door to complete gender equality is pushed open a little further. Feminists have a strong desire to make it practical for women to vote, take office, and complete other political duties the same as men would. They want to make it so women aren't left standing on the sidelines of society, while men control everything and do all the work. Women should feel normal, free to do whatever they so desire. Furthermore, this opinion of freedom does not only pertain to those political and social issues, but also their physical and emotional needs.

In contrast to women's social and political rights, little is heard about women's most intense war: home life. The signature "mother" figure has more responsibilities expected of her than any other women's job on the planet. Most people have grown up in a society where a mother has certain duties she must perform, however, if she doesn't perform these, then she is automatically labeled a dead-beat, pathetic excuse for a parent. On the other hand, the father of a family can work all day long, say hi to his kids once in a while, and maybe do a few household chores every so often, and automatically be labeled a wonderful parent. Society's image of home life has become so skewed that men cannot normally perform these so-called "motherly duties" without seeming strange. Feminists believe that a father should have just as much of a responsibility to his family and household as a mother. In fact, they believe that a man should be able to reverse social roles with his wife, and have it be ordinary. These feelings are just, as a man had just as much to do with creating a child as a woman. Of course, feminists support women who choose to be stay-at-home mothers, they just want women to have a choice in life as to what they want to do, and make it acceptable for them to do so. However equality between the sexes pertains not only to family life, but also to marriage and relationships.

A man and women should still have equal roles in their home life, with or without children. The wife shouldn't be expected to do all the housework, and the man shouldn't



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