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Fedex Management Function Controlling

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Controlling is one of the four management functions, which monitor performance, within the organization, for the purpose of making adjustments and needed changes.

In a recent decision FedEx canceled their order for ten global air freighters from Airbus. The huge A380 super jumbo airplanes were originally scheduled for delivery in 2008 but Airbus delayed the date to year 2009 and then to 2010. Frederick Smith, chairman and chief executive of FedEx, cited Airbus's recent decision to delay delivery of the super jumbo amid production bottlenecks as the reason for shifting its order to Boeing." Global demand for air cargo and express services continues to grow rapidly, and FedEx has made significant investments in our network to meet customers' needs and fulfill our business objectives," he said. "Therefore, it was necessary and prudent for us to acquire the Boeing 777 Freighter" (Feliz, 2006).

FedEx is changing the way it uses technology when they launched tracking and tracing when the Internet came along. FedEx had the first web site where you could go and track your package along the route to the final destination. Fred Smith, FedEx Chairman, said, "the information about a package is as important as the package itself." Many years from that time FedEx is looking to making vigorous changes with their customers in terms of supply chains and managing information across supply chains. It is about making sure that FedEx's customers have the information about their packages or shipments throughout the entire process as fast as possible. Technology innovations have enabled people to do business with FedEx 24 hours a day, from virtually anywhere in the world. Such innovative services as shipping packages on-line with FedEx Ship Manager at to over 170 countries, obtaining service information to quickly and easily determine which FedEx service best suits the shipping requirements, and making on-line completion of export shipping forms even easier with FedEx International Document Assistance (FedEx, 2006).

A question was asked of FedEx Canada President Rajesh Subramanian, how does FedEx control the issues with cultural diversity on a global scale. Subramanian said, " it all comes down to the core of FedEx philosophy of the workforce; making sure that every employee or potential employee has a level playing field to apply for any job that's open in the company." Subramanian continued to say that, " when you have people around the table from diverse backgrounds you automatically achieve diversity of thought



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