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Falling Down Rabbit Hole

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    Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” said the white rabbit. Down, down the young blonde girl fell. Right into a world - very peculiar world that only a girl named Alice could dream of being in. Sitting by the riverbank, bored with her sister’s story, Alice follows a rabbit that was in haste to go somewhere. Impulsively following the rabbit, Alice fell in a well like hole and then through a door into a garden. This is the start of her adventure of singing flowers and smiling cats where she had tons of fun in a place called Wonderland.  I favored the adventures of Alice in Wonderland as a child and read the book almost every night to my sister. The idea of a young girl falling down a rabbit hole into a world, where everything that was impossible was possible seemed like a dream come true. Although I didn’t understand why they would call her mad as my sister often invited Alice, rabbit hare and me to her pretend tea parties. I always loved the craziness of the Wonderland and wondered is this the only crazy place or was I crazy to be dreaming of living in that crazy land.  

As I grew up and started to understand things in Wonderland that never occurred to me when I younger. The smoking caterpillar, the Cheshire cat, a queen who are were all mad. I almost find the fairy-tale scary now that I can connect the story to the real world. For example, the foods that Alice eats to make her grow and shrink are supposed to represent something that isn’t just a snack. The images that I had of this excited world when my mind was more innocent have changed completely. Although singing with flowers, having unhappily birthdays, and playing croquet with the queen of hearts sounds magical still. The idea of falling down in a rabbit hole into Wonderland sounded more exciting back in elementary school than now.  Whatever it was, it was amazing at that time but not anymore. May be that doesn’t sound as amazing because my imagination has died with my maturity or has it fallen down that same rabbit hole.



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