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Extrinsic Motivation of the Selected Grade-10 Students

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Essay Preview: Extrinsic Motivation of the Selected Grade-10 Students

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(Research Outline)


        Extrinsic motivation also known as external motivation is a way of motivating a person through rewards and incentives. It is constant with the beliefs of operant behaviorism, which they can say that an attitude of a person that has received rewards in the past, intangible or tangible anticipates the same to occur in the present. Back in 2008, interviews involving extrinsic motivation or rewarding a person for doing a previously enjoyable activity can reduce a person’s intrinsic motivation. Even though inducing extrinsic motivation may have risks like reduced enjoyment, mental flexibility, and weakens creativity it can also have some positive reinforcement like exerting greater effort in tasks, greater performance and higher quality of output.

        In Philippines, extrinsic motivation is everywhere. Especially in the modern society in which people have higher demands in rewarding system. Filipinos are more likely to engage in activities that is expected to have prizes in return. These prizes could be in a form of reward, fame, money, praise, and grades. This type of motivation encourages and increases determination of Filipinos in doing certain tasks.

        Extrinsic motivation is a significant factor in schools especially in Agusan National High School- JHS students. By providing them rewards they tend to excel and do well in their academic performance. However, extrinsic motivation may sometimes backfire as it lowers a student’s interest in activities without rewards in exchange. So, does extrinsic motivation brings advantages or only brings disadvantages to a student’s academic performance?



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