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Experience of Introducing New Technologies at Meat Industry Enterprises

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Essay Preview: Experience of Introducing New Technologies at Meat Industry Enterprises

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UDC 637                                                                             A.V. Kupriyashkin



The article deals with the introduction of new technologies in the enterprises of the meat industry. Analyzed the main types of innovations in the meat industry, and also identified areas for improvement.

Keywords: new technologies, meat industry, meat processing, lean production.

New technologies at the enterprises of the meat industry today are aimed primarily at improving the automation of production. As is known, due to the automation of production, labor productivity indicators are increasing, labor intensity is decreasing, the quality of mass production is increasing, production management processes are optimized.

The high level of competition in the meat products market is forcing manufacturers to introduce new technologies for processing raw materials, manufacturing products, and to minimize losses, manufacturers increasingly produce products with a longer shelf life.

Meat industry enterprises, often having their own cattle farms, are interested in introducing new technologies from the very beginning of the technological process: slaughter and preparation of carcasses.

Innovations on the immobilization of livestock, scalding of carcasses, exsanguination, and purification are being introduced in this area.

Let us consider in more detail the experience of introducing new technologies in some enterprises of the meat industry.

AgroPromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies is one of the leading agro-industrial associations in the Russian Federation, dynamically developing, vertically integrated with a closed production cycle “from field to counter”, specializing in pig farming and dairy cattle breeding, as well as processing products and selling them to consumers. [2] The well-known trademarks of meat products “Middle Gorky”, “Dmitrogorsky Product” operate within this group of companies.

There are no analogues of the company in terms of technological equipment in Russia. Innovative equipment and used technologies of meat processing are used in only two complexes - in Switzerland and Germany.

The highest level of automation of production processes - united in a single production of a closed type:

- the immobilization of animals by carbon dioxide;

- robotic processing and cutting of carcasses;

- drop system of intensive cooling of half carcasses;

- robotic intermediate storage.

-automation and robotization of internal logistics in production.

CSB software and hardware system for managing production processes in an enterprise. [2]

At the Kursk Meat Processing Plant (the “AgroPromkomplektatsiya” group of companies belongs), a special technology has been introduced to immobilize livestock; it is placed in a container with carbon dioxide. Experts of the plant consider such a method to be the most humane compared to the more common method of electric shock. In the process of innovative method of slaughter, livestock is subject to less stress, which favorably affects the quality of meat.



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