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Exercise Is an Activity Requiring Physical Effort

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Current Event Speech


        Exercise is an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. After doing our previous speeches it helped me understand what you all as my peers were interested in. Whether it was employment in Healthcare or doing some type of physical activity, such as dancing or running, this is a common interest we all share. According to a publication by Susan Scutti, titled “‘Pandemic’ of inactivity increases disease risk worldwide, WHO study says” from September 4th of CNN, we need to do more physical activity for our health.


        First of all, research from the World Health Organization show that there are several types of diseases that people can be diagnosed with that includes cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia, and some cancers. In the United States alone 48% of women do not exercise enough vs. the 32% of men. There has been no worldwide improvement in the last 10 years and although exercise does not guarantee people will never be diagnosed with these diseases, it does decrease the risk.

        Next, some of the levels of inactivity appear to be increased in the higher income countries such as East and Southeast Asian regions. Authors wrote, “Wealthier countries have transitioned towards sedentary occupations, more recreation, and motorized transport, and this could explain the higher levels of inactivity compared with lower income countries where both work and transportation often require physical activity.” The way I look at this is if you live in a city for instance, you will probably walk most places such as to a job if it is close or the nearest Starbucks, thus getting more physical activity. It is also cheaper to walk or ride a bike rather than wasting gas sitting in traffic.



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