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Evolution of Technology

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In the 21th century, the evolution of technology has greatly impacted and made things easier for us humans around the globe. Using technologies such as a laptops has been beneficial to both students and professors in a university environment because they are a good resource for research and communication. But the main issue that arises is that even though laptops being used in lectures can be useful to some students, overall they are not a good technology to be in contact with. I strongly believe that the students in my CCT109 class should not be allowed to use laptops in class because according to new research taking notes by hand is proven to be extremely beneficial, laptops in class cause distraction to others and ourselves, and high tuition fee should motivate students to do well.

I know from personal experience that by taking notes on a laptop made it difficult for me to remember exactly what the professor said about the topic being discussed in class. Using a pen and notebook have proven to help me properly. I read an article online by the Scientific American titled “A learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop”, it stated that students that write notes in class using a pen actually learn more. Three experiments were conducted to see the ability of students to memorize as well test their understanding of materials and the results showed that despite students who take notes on a laptop took more notes, students who wrote their notes by hand had better understanding of the concepts and were successful in applying the material. The article also stated that if you write notes by hand it benefits the students since they slowly process the information and they take what is important into consideration while listening, digesting, and summarizing what is being said. My management professor told our class that using laptops in class lower grades because students do not focus attentively. As I have stated above this new research has been proven and should be taken into consideration by every student so that they may excel in their studies.

As you look around in any lecture hall you see students with their laptops on and most probably they have either the PowerPoint slide, word or they have more than just the blackboard tab open. Students have the Facebook tab open as well as some next random ones that if you are sitting behind them or beside them it distracts you from focusing attentively in class. This can have a negative overall effect on your performance in the course. My CCT and environment professors have bluntly stated that if students use their laptops they are most likely multitasking which disturbs students



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