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Essay Decribe My Brother - Personal Essay

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Good evening, everyone!

My name is Hue. I am 22 years old. Today I will talk about my sibling. I just have one older brother, who is 2 years older than me and his name is Thanh. My brother is quite tall and well-built. Because he loves playing sports as volleyball, football, etc. In addition, his hobby is karate and he usually trained an hour twice a week when he still studied in the university. He have got a brown belt.. At this time,  he have graduated for 2 years but he still practices in the every morning. I think  that is the great way to have a healthy body ,  learn self-defence, respect, self-control and patience.

At the moment, my brother is an accountant, who is working at a construction company in Nghe An. I do not see him so often. Because of that, we usually talk on Messenger when having free time, especially at the weekend. We just have chance to meet up on the national vacations or he goes on a business trip to Hanoi. At that time, we will eat out or go shopping together. He is a easy-going and emotional person. He always send not only a present but also the warm wish for me on my birthday despite of a long distance. Furthermore, my brother gives me the useful advise when I have any trouble.

I never think that I really respect my brother because we often quarreled  about  trifles when I was a child. But they are  the meaningful and funny memories in my life, which help us grow up and close to each other.

In the future, I hope my brother will have more and more success and luck in his career as well as in his life.



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