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1)  a) As told in documentary becoming a culture rather than sponsoring a culture makes youth belong to that brand. They have already been a part of a culture like Hip Hop or R&B but when a brand started to associate with that culture, teenagers automatically become fan of that cooltrademark which is a reflects their lifestyle and characteristics.

If a culture purposes sales rather than expression that culture would have problems in development and producing innovations because they wouldn’t express themselves to new generations.

2) Yes exactly. Anthropologist and cool hunters are similar in many ways.  Anthropologists study on customs and structures of community and cool hunters also interests with trends and habits of teenagers. As a difference anthropologists study on this for scientific researches but cool hunters study on this for financial purposes.Market researchers as ethnographers focus on specific affects of these customs on people’s life. They categorize the facts that consumers especially teenagers show interests. Also their main aim is gaining money or having great adverts .

5) Companies use stealth marketing because of its persuasiveness and it costs less than advertisements. That type of marketing generally bases on recommendations and consumers are eager to believe their friends or someone that they met before. In addition to these that method is easiest, trustable and least risky way to reach target market. When traditional marketing techniques were not enough people use that tactic. I think it’s free market economy and investors have right to use stealth marketing. The only thing that can be shown as unethical is utilization of someone for economic benefits. In my opinion there is no such a big immorality over that fact.

6)MTV’s restrictive structure just show audience what they want to show. They make choices for people. They only choose musicians who have corporate background. MTV put music undercontrol and make it limited.

7)  I think that these 2 stereotypes: mooks and midriffs created for finding something which is different, attractive also show the characteristics of genders. As a result of human nature men are powerful, strict also a bit rude and crude compared to women. Mook is the stereotype which have these features and that attracts teenage boys. Women are generally shown as sexual objects for decades. When we look at midriffs such as Britney Spears they want to placed in foreground with their body and beauty. I think features of these stereotypes based on typical characteristics of men and women.



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