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English Narritive Essay

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During the early fazes of our lives we tend to go through some of the most drastic changes all at once. All people will experience these changes mostly in the first twenty five years of their lives and then find their more directed path there after. Some of these changes will be pleasant and others will not be any fun due to the complexity of life it self. When I was fourteen I faced one of the most drastic changes that I will never forget for as long as I live.

Middle school was not considered one of the best fazes of my life by the general population due to the rebellious nature of my mind and what I considered to be exciting or what most fourteen year olds said was “cool”. I was drinking at the beginning of the fifth grade started smoking marijuana by the end. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd most would say. Some of my friends would get caught from time to time and almost get expelled but I seemed invincible.

Smoking marijuana was never one of my preferred choices of having a good time due to the reactions that it had on my body. This at times was a little too much for me to handle so in short I got drunk a lot more then I got “high”. As I grew older and started to mover quickly through middle school I didn’t realize the effect that these actions were having on my personal relationships. My mother and father were very suspicious of my actions and the way that I looked when I came home the next day from spending the night at a friend’s house. It was as if my parents could not grasp the fact that their thirteen year old could be drinking every weekend or even doing drugs for that matter. So as it does with most kids in my situation it started to get worse with time.

During the eighth grade I was on a role with my rebellious actions and disrespectful behavior towards my parents. During the end of middle school I was steeling liquor from the almighty cabinet that my parents kept all of the good stuff in. Instead of paying for it I just stole it. This was more convenient for my friends and I due to the fact that my parents didn’t even know what they had in reserve. Every weekend I would go to a “friend’s house” who would also be at a “friend’s house” and we would basically be roaming the city streets drinking and having a destructive good time.

My eighth grade year was coming to and end and it was the last weekend before graduation. This was party time for my friends and I so we did what we always did, went to a “friend’s house” and partied like there was no tomorrow. The music was blasting to the point that every other word that you said was what because you could not make out what the other person was saying. My friends and I drank more then we had every consumed before midnight. The young girl’s house who we all were “visiting” was becoming a mess and we all knew how bad it was becoming but did not care. When I walked into the kitchen it reminded me of the movie theater, your shoes stuck to the floor with every step and people left their trash wherever it was convenient for them.

As the night crawled on alcohol became scarce and we acted like we were all going to die if we ran out. We drank whiskey, scotch, brandy, vodka and every other hard liquor you could imagine with a smooth tracer of cheep beer. After people started to disappear into the night and my friends and I decided that there was no stopping our alcohol induced happiness we decided to make a phone call to one of the older brothers of our friends who happened to have a fake I.D. This meant that our problem was fixed; we were going to get more beer.

After he had arrived and picked up our money for the beer run I decided that I would get some fresh air and wait outside for them to return while I smoke some cigarettes and sip on the last beer. After sitting out side smoking for about ten minutes I started to get bored and wondered into the streets for a look down the road. Nothing to exciting was there so I stumbled back up the driveway and fell onto the ground up against the garage.

Twenty minuets or so had gone by and there was no sign of beer walking up the drive way. At this point it was about 12:30 a.m. and double vision was setting in. I was in the drive way staring off into nothingness until a black car drove up and stopped at the driveway. So I did what most drunk curious kids would do and stumbled to my feet. After standing there for what seemed like a couple minutes but was only twenty seconds looking at the car trying to figure out who was there I started to back up towards the front door when two large men jumped out of the car and yelled “YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Now put yourself in my shoes, fourteen, drunk, and unaware of who is trying to catch you at 12:30 in the morning…RUN! I ran into the house and slammed the door behind me and heard a crash. After running into the house screaming help, I entered the kitchen and felt like there was nowhere to go but towards the sliding glass door. As soon as I reached for the handle I was tackled and slammed up against the refrigerator with my hands behind my back.

As I was being escorted outside I realized what was going on, these were undercover cops. Meanwhile as I was walked through the living room I realized that one of the hands behind my back still had the beer in it so as I resisted



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