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Egypt 2010-1961 Essay

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Djehutynakht’s head was bandaged, and looked very yellow and decayed. There were eyebrows drawn on it, and it seemed like it was arising from the dead and planning to kill everyone. It was Egyptian, and it came from the Middle Kingdom between 2010-1961 B.C. It was found in Deir-El-Bersha in 1915. It was used to show how the linen wrappings are molded in the shape of the face, with the eyebrows rendered in black paint on the fabric. The mummy’s hair, dark brown and wavy, is well preserved and visible through the worn wrappings. It was in the museum because the message he seeked was to eat his own excrement. This sounds wrong, but the explorers who discovered it knew what he meant, and they sympathized. I thought Djehutynakht’s head was interesting because it was real, and seeing a real live mummy head was a great experience for me. I liked it even more when I saw the MRI, because it looked epic. It’s teeth were like fangs, and looked evil, and I like those kinds of things. I also thought it was interesting because of the details of it. The hair, the shape, and the wrappings. That is why I liked it.

In all, of the exhibits I visited, I learned something new. In the Egyptian art gallery, I saw some pottery and scrolls. The scrolls were used to sign their names, and the pottery was used for drinking water. In the Greek sculptures, I saw some Greek gods and goddesses representing peace and sincerity. Overall I learned a lot from the trip. But despite the amazing discoveries I made in the museum, leaving to home was the best part. The art showed me valuable information, but my teacher’s Nintendo Switch was way cooler.



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