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Effects of Training and Performance Appraisal Techniques

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Essay Preview: Effects of Training and Performance Appraisal Techniques

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Effect of Training and Performance Appraisal Practices or Expatriate Failure & Challenges

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Assignment on

Effect of Training and Performance Appraisal Practices or Expatriate Failure & Challenges

Course Title: International Human Resource Management

Course Code: HRM 421

Section: 01

Submitted To:

Silvia Akter

Assistant Professor

Department of Business Administration

Submitted By:



Sourav Biswas


Marjuka Yesmin  


Akshirul Hoque


Chowdhury Nazia Iffat Dristi


Nafiz Ahmed


Date of submission: 9th December, 2018

Letter of Transmittal

09 December, 2018

Silvia Akter

Associate Professor

Department of Business Administration

East West University

Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of HRM 421 term paper for completion of course.

Dear Madam,

It is an honor and immense pleasure for us to submit our assignment on the topic “Effect of Training and Performance Appraisal Practices or Expatriate Failure & Challenges”. This report was assigned to us as compulsory requirement of the course International Human Resource Managment.

During the process of preparing this report, we had the chance of experiencing and rediscovering our potential. This assignment gave us an opportunity to apply our theoretical knowledge, ideas and communication skills, which will help us in our future professional career.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and we look forward to receive your cordial approval of our submission.

Sincerely yours,

Name:                                                          ID:                                 Signature:

  1. Sourav Biswas                                 2013-3-14-003
  2. Marjuka Yesmin                                  2014-3-10-104
  3. Akshirul Hoque                                 2014-3-10-213
  4. Chowdhury Nazia Iffat Dristi                 2014-3-10-223
  5. Nafiz Ahmed                                        2014-3-10-245



Fundamentally an Expatriate is a worker who is sent to live to another country for a characterized era. An expatriate is required to move abroad with or without family for a brief time frame (6month – 1 year) to achieve any global task.


The expatriate as an agent of direct control:

The utilization of staff exchange can be viewed as a bureaucratic control instrument, where the essential job is that of guaranteeing consistence through direct supervision. To a specific degree utilizing Expatriate for control mirrors an ethnocentric inclination, yet this can be critical in guaranteeing auxiliary consistence, empowering vital destinations for neighborhood tasks to be accomplished.

The expatriate as an agent of socialization:

There is a verifiable desire that Expatriate aid the exchange of shared qualities and convictions. Truth be told endeavors to introduce corporate qualities and standards ritualized as certain normal practices regularly have negative outcomes at the backup level.

Expatriates as network builder:

Universal assignments are seen as a method for creating social capital by encouraging relational linkages that can be utilized for casual control and correspondence reason. Normally, as representatives move between different hierarchical units, their system of individual connections changes prompting Harzing's similarity of expatriates as spiders to describe this job. How these workers are used is individual ward.

Expatriates as boundary spanner:

Limit crossing alludes to exercises, for example, gathering data that connect interior and outside hierarchical settings. Expatriates are viewed as limit spanners since they can gather nation data, go as a delegate of their organizations in the host nation and can impact operators.

Expatriates as language node:

It is discovered that, expatriates working for the organization moves toward becoming what they named dialect hubs upon repatriation. An investigation uncovers that basic pretended by expatriates as dialect hub, proposing for a long haul approach for the dialect capabilities in multinationals.

Transfer of competence and knowledge:

Universal assignments do aid in information sharing and capability exchange and energize reception of basic work rehearses which may fortify components of corporate culture. In this manner they may add to additionally building up the social capital inside MNE. Staff in different hierarchical units likewise experience diverse perspectives and viewpoints that will shape their conduct and may strengthen their sentiment of having a place.

International assignment

A task which happen when an association or organization dispatches representatives from the nation of origin to an alternate nation for work and business activity at abroad workplaces or organizations. At the end of the day an undertaking or brief job in another nation to which an expatriate is dispatched by his or her utilizing association in administration or corporate objectives, commonly for a time of 1 to 5 years.



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