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Effects Of No Tv

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Once seen as an innocent form of entertainment, television has become the downfall of American society. It has been scientifically proven that TV has desensitized children to violence and has consumed their daily lives making them less active and sociable. All that seems to broadcast these days is sex, violence, and, above all, deceit. Not to mention all the chaos and corruption seen on the news today. Television is one of the key causes in the deterioration of American culture.

This leads one to wonder “What if a town stopped watching television?” What kind of impact would that have on that town’s overall character and actions? The effects could be phenomenal.

Since television has been linked to the reason why children are over weight, not being able to watch television would give kids other avenues of entertainment that might involve being more active and playing games. No more sitting around the house snacking on junk foods in front of the television. Instead, kids could actually be outside, playing a game of baseball or tag. This would not only improve their physical health, but also their social development. They will be able to make friends instead of relying on unrealistic characters to occupy their time. Even adults could benefit from this lack of television. Many parents are actually so consumed in their TV shows that they may tend to neglect their kids and obligations as a parent. With this obstacle removed, families can grow closer and have less problems at home.

It is not just about the time and energy that television consumes, but also the message it conveys. It leads people to believe that sleeping around, lying, drugs and alcohol, and killing is okay. The moral standard of America has dropped drastically since television first debuted, as TV continues to become increasingly crude and ultimately unnecessary. Television is no longer a leisurely escape from reality, but a distorted version



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