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Effects Of Hamilton Burr Duel

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Assignment Description - Discuss the effects of the duel on the U.S., the political outcomes, Hamilton's ideas and influence, and Burr's future.

The Hamilton - Burr duel definitely leaves its mark in history because of its significance regarding the impact that it has on Burr's future, how Hamilton's ideas influenced the U.S. though he is dead and the political outcomes. The duel was aroused because of tensions that had built up between the two men throughout their political careers. Both detested each other and did everything in their power to foil the others success. The pinnacle of their heated feud came about when Burr attempted to grasp an opportunity to a return in power after his unsuccessful presidential campaign by switching political parties so that he may be a governor of New York. This enraged Hamilton and Hamilton spread every rumor and misdemeanor to set Burr out of the run for governorship. This offended Burr and prompted him to call for a duel to retain his honor.

The outcome was tragic. Burr shot Hamilton a horrific blow which left Hamilton bed-ridden and to die the next day. Of course the federalists were enraged, and in the end Hamilton was charged of murder in New York and New Jersey. The very thing that he thought would reestablish his place in society threw him into an endless pit which would ensure that he would never climb up to political office again. He was the first duelist to be charged with murder and people lost respect for him finding him a bloodthirsty and revengeful man. In a failed attempt, he joined cahoots with General Wilkinson to make a separatist plot in the West. Soon he was forced into exile in England because he was charged with treason against the U.S. Though Hamilton was dead, his ideas remained alive. His idea for checks and balances which was initially repudiated became embraced. First it was considered an overzealous idea to encourage an overly strong government or monarchy, especially considering Hamilton envisioned the perfect government to be that like of Britain. But this idea of checks and balances ensured



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