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Driving While Black

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In today's society racial profiling is not as sinful as it was back in the early 18 and 1900's. In this paper I'm going to give an insight on the two most important aspects in my life, racial profiling and "Driving while black." As a black male, it's hard to be labeled as just an average human being. Instead we are labeled as thugs and people of color who don't have a purpose in life. As we walk the streets, everything that is done wrong is blamed on us until there is proof stating we didn't do it.

Racial profiling isn't something that just occurs every other year, it's been going on for hundreds of years. Since I can remember for many years, my family has always taught me to show respect for others and not to stereotype others just because they are different from me. I never understood this until one night I was beaten up by a group of white cops at the movies for questioning them for kicking us out of the movies. As soon as we entered the heatres, they began watching us as if we were up to no good. To me, if that's not racial profiling, then I don't know what is. Being accused of doing something wrong because of the color of my shin is not right. After that night I realized that there was still racism in this world today.

While being criticized for actions taken upon them the whites aren't the only ones that are considered racist. There are some blacks that are racist. Racism isn't the only aspect of racial profiling. Discrimination is another aspect of racial profiling because it's someone being judged by the color of their skin or by the way they talk and dress. One thing that bothers me about the black race is that they're always complaining about another race being prejudice of them and there not giving any reasons for other reasons not to think that because they don't know how to act in public or any other place where you should act civilized. Though they do sometimes act bad in public, the biggest thing is that cultures fear each other because they are afraid of what they don't know. Blacks don't understand why whites act the way they do and whites don't understand why blacks act the way they do. Police drive buy and see a crowd of blacks hanging out near the street and they automatically think they are up to no good. That's just what blacks do because none of them have a big enough house to have a bunch of people hanging out in one place whereas some whites may have an extra pool house or a game room for a bunch of people to hang out in. Also, blacks don't have all the fancy technologies that the whites have such as the big screen t.v. or the playstations or x-box's. The bottom line is racial profiling occurs because the opposite race fears them. They don't understand each other and what they believe and why they do what they do.

Sometimes I don't blame the white people or any other race that doesn't trust the black, because there's some I don't trust because of their ghetto tendencies. The thing is, some of them don't want to get anywhere in life, they have no ambition. The reason being is sometimes when you try to help some African Americans in life they try to get all that you will give them and then they begin to think they can always get it out of you. For example when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the blacks are the ones stealing TV's, DVDs, VCRs Ð'....etc. What I don't understand is why the African Americans insist on acting as if they have no home training. So, why would they go around robbing stores for useless stuff when they were the ones who needed the governments helps the most. They go steal things and then expect the government to give them



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