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The Things I Carry

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The Things I'd Carry

In the novel The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien, soldiers would do just about anything to stay sane and alive during the Vietnam War. Some men would have carried things with them during the war. These same men would carry things to remind them of home, others would carry an item to help them feel better during their hardships. What these men carried was something to hold onto, moreover not an item but of a memory or a dream. Soldiers would do just about anything to stay sane and alive during the Vietnam War. I also have items that I would feel wrong without; these items are symbols of me.

One item that I would feel the need to carry is a deck of cards. By having a deck of cards I can play solitaire by myself or play poker with others. Cards can be a way to be social with others. My deck of cards are special because they have pictures of Marilyn Monroe on each card. I obtained this deck of cards from my mother while I was on vacation in Palm Springs.

I have in my backpack a small ball which represents sports for me. I received the ball from a friend of mine because he thought I would want it more because I love to play sports. I can play it anytime, anywhere, with anyone. I play volleyball and football for school, but will play any other sport without a problem. I believe this is my "field specialty" and what separates me from others.

My item for "means of killing or staying alive" is a pocket knife. It was given to me from my dad when we went on a fishing trip; I have kept it safe since then. I can use it as a weapon but I tend to use for less violent purposes. I've used it to cut off lose strings from clothes to cutting out pictures in magazines. Also, it always seems to be right next to me when I need it. The pocket knife not only gives me a safe feeling but it reminds me of my dad when I see it, that is what makes it better than a normal pocket



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