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Discrimination of Women in the United States

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Essay Preview: Discrimination of Women in the United States

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In the United States, the rights of women have a long and changing history.

In recent decades there have been important steps to improve education, health, family life, economic opportunity and economic power of women. The US experience shows that as the position of women advances, so does your family, your community, your workplace and your nation.

In many ways the birth of the movement of women's rights was related closely with the movement of the abolition of slavery, and was supported fervently by many American women, who were also present during the struggle for independence.

This paper briefly addresses the full range of situations and realities that American society has experienced in its transition to a more egalitarian society in terms of gender.


The United States was one of the developed countries in feminist struggles, since 1848 there were numerous women's movement, who fought for their rights. The first large gathering of activists was in Seneca Falls, New York. The main organizers were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, who before 100 people who attended the convention, drafted and wrote the `` Declaration of Sentiments, complaints and resolutions, '' echoed in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence " all men and women are created equal. ''

For much of the 1850s there were large demonstrations calling for economic freedom for women. They emerged parallel organizations who fought for women's right to vote as the League of Women Association, Consumer League Final and the Christian Union of Women.

After so many years and so many struggles, in 1920, the 19th Amendment of the Constitution provided full voting rights for women.

For the decade of the 70's, 38% of American women worked as teachers, nurses and secretaries, as they were not desired in professional programs.

In the United States, women do not take their rightful place as citizens in the world's largest economy, as stated by a group of human rights experts of the United Nations in visit to that country. However, the United States have the highest income per world and leader in setting international standards for basic guarantees capita, women lag behind in society, in addition to not ratified the International Convention on All Forms of discrimination against Women.

Currently, poor women, indigenous, African American and Hispanic, migrants, belonging to the LBTG minority, disabled and elderly are particularly vulnerable.

There is a kind of immigrant in the United States suffered more than others. Hispanic women residing in this country suffer from the so-called 'double discrimination'.

According to a report by the Center for Hispanic Advancement, at least 48% of immigrant women in the country suffer from some form of abuse. It has been called this phenomenon 'double discrimination' because there is a factor of vulnerability before the law, but they also belittle their gender. Moreover, the anti-immigrant environment in the United States does not contribute to solving this problem.



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