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The United States Of Europe?

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Essay Preview: The United States Of Europe?

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Nearly two and half centuries ago, the European colonists built their first nation on the North America continent, the United States of America. However, in these two hundred and fifty years, the relationship between Europe and the U.S. has always been fluctuating, and the attitude of their people towards each other has been changing all the time. So what are the reasons for this fluctuating relationship?

We all know that the people in Europe and those in the U.S. come from the same race, same origin, and they may all have the same kind of nationalism. Because of this, whenever any side of Atlantic Ocean has any problems or difficulties, the other side will eventually give its support and solutions. This can be illustrated by the time after World War II. In that period, the U.S. government has support its fellow brothers on the Europe by means of capital and technology in order to rebuild the cities and also to resist the expansion of communism. Even in recent years after the Cold War, NATO has accepted the application of some former eastern European communist countries. Frequent financial aids have been sent to those countries for the rapid change and development of their governments.

On the other hand, the European people gave their sympathy and compassion to the U.S. on the September 11 Incident. Most of the European countries give their support to the U.S. on the issue of terrorism. Moreover, some of them even gave their military support for the war to the terrorists. All these can strengthen the relationship between Europe and the U.S..

However, can these events be the real reflections of the relationship between them?

The answer is no. Many years after World War II, the younger generations have no idea of what the U.S. has done for their countries. Instead of thanking the U.S., they become more criticizing the growing influence of the U.S. on their cultures and governments. Just like the protests of the American people before the set up of the U.S., many European people are now remonstrating that their governments would become the puppets of the U.S.. Besides, they also protest against the U.S. governmentÐŽ¦s withdrawal and rejections of some international agreements and treaties, such as the Kyoto agreement and the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty. They think that these decisions are only good for the U.S., without any consideration of the



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