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Developmental Psychology 2300 - Cry It Out

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Developmental Psychology 2300

Rachel Kristiansen

June 26, 2015

After doing a little research on the two ways to get a baby to sleep, ferberization and the attachment theory, I believe that ferberization is the better technique to follow. According to, “There is scientific evidence to support the proposition that leaving a baby to cry alone can cause physiological, if not psychological and emotional harm. Studies have shown that periods of crying and upset are accompanied by a flood of stress hormone cortisol; frequent and prolonged exposure to cortisol can affect brain development in areas relating to memory, emotional regulation and attention, and behavior. The presence of a loving parent has been demonstrated to lower levels of cortisol even during episodes of crying.” From what I have read the attachment theory is more likely to mentally scar babies therefore, I believe ferberization is the healthier approach to getting a child to sleep through the night. According to, “You never start this process with a baby younger than three months. First, you let the baby cry for five minutes, then go in to reassure him verbally by patting him. You don’t pick him up. Then you leave, let him cry for another ten minutes, then go back to reassure him again. This time, you let him cry for fifteen minutes, then go back and reassure him. If the baby vomits, you clean him up, but leave him in the crib and continue with the Feberizing. Each time you leave, you wait longer to return.” I don’t necessarily agree with either of these methods, it seems as if its torture to the child in a way. However, I defiantly feel that ferberization is a lot better approach that the attachment theory. At least with ferberization the child doesn’t think that the parent has completely abandoned him or her. The only downfall to ferberization is the baby may cry all night long, depending on how determined it is to see one of the parents. Whereas with the attachment theory, the child would get worn out a lot faster and fall asleep from exhaustion.



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