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Development - Experiences That Parents Can Provide

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Experiences that Parents can provide

Parents can provide various experiences to enhance the physical, cognitive and socioemotional development of infants and toddlers. Engagement in physical plays is one of such experiences. The best way for parents to ensure that toddlers achieve critical physical development is to provide them with environments that encourage safe exploration through physical play. It could involve letting the toddlers roll around or crawl. As such, this can enhance the toddler's motor skills. Cognitive development can also be fortified through play experiences that involve tasks such as puzzles or drawing. Again, parents can let the toddler play together with other kids as an apt way of fortifying their socio-emotional development.  

Another way of developing a child’s cognitive skills is by providing them with an oral language experience. This involves face-to-face contact involving mentioning of names, singing songs, or pointing at an object when mentioning it. The pervasive ideology in this case is that infants and toddlers are often sensitive to teaching cues; thus, they have the capacity to distinguish and interpret oral information when a guardian or parent is engaging them in communication. Recurrent oral language experiences have a positive impact on a child’s cognitive development.

Showing their feelings is another experience that parents can provide to enhance a child's socioemotional development. It involves a parent showing when he or she is angry or happy. In this case, it is essential for parents also to recognize a toddler's feelings and subsequently address the feeling. For instance, when the toddler is in distress, the parent can comfort him by holding them or speaking to them calmly. Such experiences help the toddler to develop empathy.  However, it is prudent for the parents to ensure that the experience provides a positive socioemotional opportunity for the toddler.



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