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Developing Communication Skills as an Essential Pre-Requisite for Socioeconomic Development of a Country

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Essay Preview: Developing Communication Skills as an Essential Pre-Requisite for Socioeconomic Development of a Country

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Report on: Developing communication skills as an essential pre-requisite for socioeconomic development of a country

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Dr Riazur Rahman Chowdhury


Department of Accounting & Information Systems

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Syed Naeem Rahman

Roll: 18050, Section: A

Batch: 18

Date of submission: 15th of June, 2012


Development of communication skills is an essential pre-requisite for socio-economic development of a country/nation

The Elaboration of the analysis of this statement will converge on some intangible discussions based on the course “Business Communication & Report Writing”.

The following contents are going to be focused in this assignment:

  • Business Communication
  • It’s Necessity and Realizations[pic 2]
  • Various Communication Skills[pic 3]
  • How Communication Skills can be developed
  • Developing Communication Skills as a key factor of socio-economic development of a country
  • Organizational goals and objectives[pic 4]
  • Interpersonal relationship

(Timely Interaction)

  • Innovative measures
  • Negotiations
  • Multicultural society
  • Ethical positioning (factors)
  • Human resource development[pic 5]
  • Considerations[pic 6]
  • Some vain attempts
  • Conclusion[pic 7]


Business Communication

Communication is the process of transferring signals/messages between a sender and a receiver through various methods (written words, nonverbal cues, spoken words). It is also a mechanism by which we use to establish and modify relationships. Business Communication is a wide perception taking into consideration of its importance in business as well as in personal life. Now a day, business communication does not refer only to exchanging ideas, views or thoughts. In addition, the most important thing is that communicating in business world has become more necessary to fulfill organizational objectives and achieve success. So communication is rather a device or mechanism using by people to get benefit and improve their condition than an exercise only of exchanging information.

It’s Necessity and Realizations

It is necessary for the managers and employees to communicate with each other for facilitating work of together and influencing their relationship as well as achieving goals in the workplace. People of an organization do not belong from the same culture or society. For better performance and interactions with others in a diverse multicultural society, an effective communication context is essential. Moreover, introduction to new technologies and innovative ideas need a positive relationship between workers and ease in communication process is expected. So communication across the organization and outer side is an obvious need whether for an individual or for the organization as a whole.

Various Communication Skills

As discussed earlier communication not only refers to giving and perceiving messages but also refers to a concept-oriented exercise. Communication skills are generally categorized into three main types:

Input skills: It includes observing, reading and listening to gather or perceive data and information.

Processing skills: This refers to analyzing and synthesizing of received message.

Output skills: This includes writing and speaking about the decisions made from derived message.

Preparing message and presenting that in a graceful manner is also considered as an important factor. Again creating a favorable communication climate in the workplace is also a necessary skill of a communicator as a manager.

These skills of communication in managers and their subordinates enhance the effectiveness of development of an enterprise widely; these lead to the contribution of socio-economic development of a country.

How Communication Skills can be developed

Good relations among members of a business are critical for success Good communication skills are an important element for the development of good relationships Poor communications starve a relationship while good communications nourish it. This is true regardless of whether you are a member of a committee looking at starting a business or a member of a team operating a business. Therefore, improving communication skills is important for success. However, this does not just happen. Both the receiver and the sender must work at developing verbal and listening skills. Developing good business communication skills is as much about the ability to develop good content as it is about good content. Some notions or concepts (idea) are given priority here to develop communication skills of people in the workplace:

  • Improving the writing and speaking skill of the language used in the communication process is highly referred.
  • Sender and receiver should have enough authority over the method used in the communication process.
  • Timely Interaction with each other reduces sudden breakdown or nervousness when communicating.
  • Determining the words, sentences and furthermore the ideas of the message develops confidence of the sender.
  • Innovating new technologies and making their uses easy to the employees are largely supportive.
  • Trained people are the real assets of an enterprise for their effectiveness. Training helps people to communicate in a proper manner according to their ability and responsibility.
  • Helping people to think over the problems more creatively develops the analytical skills.

An example:

Managers of a multinational company are told to attend a seminar on “Interacting with subordinates using communicating skills”. After having a plenty of discussions and real life stories managers able to understand the role of assertive communication and better workplace behavior. Parallel to that a training program is arranged for the subordinates discussing on “Receiving message and Feeding back in a better way”.

Developing Communication Skills as a key factor of socio-economic development of a country



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