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Deliverance, Freedom, Responsibility

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Purpose: What we can do as a people, to come out of where we are

We are sick, but the sickness is not unto death

- Being led out of sickness

Acts 10: 38

Luke 4

Everybody has been made free by His sacrifice. YOU already have been delivered from oppression. We are like inmates in a cell and the cell door is open. A way of escapes has been paved for us, by once again the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And as a people we just sit there. We refuse to get up and walk through the door into the fullness of God.

Problem: We the Body of Christ are in the church physically (doing all that is required to portray the act of Christian Dom), but the church is not in us.

Ecclesia- church

We have been called out by Him to our deliverance, but what we have been called out of we have chose to hold on to our "mess" the very thing that God is trying to separate us from. We allow it to become apart of our lives

As a people we are "in hiding"

John 8:31,32, 36

Numbers 13:33

Man can deliver you, but it is the TRUTH of the Lord that FREES YOU!!!

How you look at yourself determines where you are going

Are you progressing or going in a circle? We are seeking significant change

Deliverance/ Freedom= Responsibility

1 Timothy 1

Laws were not made for the righteous, they were made for the vile. The unlawful, those who violate the law

Wilderness- strip off what is necessary to move into my promise

Wilderness is there to prepare me for freedom

Deliverance is NOW!

Freedom is a process because it means responsibility

When you are free you have no laws you have self imposed laws. Meaning there are things that we will not allow our selves to do. There is a line where we have drawn for our selves that we will not cross.

Once I have been delivered I need to be free

Exodus 2 Oppress mind

Emotion brings division within

Our appetite is not in agreement mind/heart/will/emotions

When we allow our emotions to overwhelm us we become shipwreck

Give yourself advice. Speak to yourself in the mirror. It's o.k. to answer



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