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Culture Effects and Variations

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Culture Effects and Variations

        Culture differs from one to anther. Additionally, people reflect the Values and norms of a certain society. McCourt had experienced a culture chock where he had to give up many thoughts and adapted to others when went to New York City.

        McCourt was originally born in Brooklyn in NYC however he had to go back to Ireland when he was three years old due to the lack of employment and poor of income of his family.

        At 19 years old, McCourt decided to go back to NYC where he experienced a different way of living and culture. He was lucky to have someone to look after him; he had the priest.

        McCourt learned many aspects of the American society, and their culture was a significant aspect on his essay. According to McCourt, American culture value church and priests are respected. One example is where they first met on the train and how people once the priest got in the train people offered their seat for the priest. However he mentioned that even though he was offered a seat people seemed to be unhappy because he is nobody. On the other hand, he saw how religion wasn’t respected when people was on the car yelling for the church key.

Another aspect is how life style differs from culture to another. Where the simple things can be arguable. For instance when McCourt took a shower he didn’t realize that he dried himself with a towel that he wasn’t suppose to be using.

Moreover, people consider things to be important while another would not even consider it such as when the priest insists on McCourt to put the after-shave gel. McCourt neither knew what that is nor how to use it.

Additionally, There are many aspects that shape a society such as culture and religion. McCourt was shocked when learned that the priest is wearing nothing and how he just fall asleep. This is where he started thinking of what he assumed; He thought that the priests spend hours on their knees before sleeping. Thus, he then sees the contradiction on how priest are treated respectfully and how they act.



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