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Critical Thinking

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It is common for presidential candidates to debate election issues on television. What negative effects can televised presidential debates have on politics?


Televised presidential debates can have serious negative effects. Rather than strictly looking at political aspects of a presidential candidates, many American citizens look at the speaking qualities of candidates rather than their ability to rule while watching them on television. They notice stutters and sweats on the television screen as reasons not to vote for them rather than poor views on governmental issues. Televised presidential debates are supposed to add more contrast to the two candidate's contrast in the campaign politically, but sometimes they just define which candidate has better looks. Unfortunately, Many American people cast votes on physical appearance rather than the political skill that the candidate has. For example: In the 1960 Presidential debate between Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first televised presidential debate. Unaware of the new medium of television, Vice-President Nixon did not wear make-up and had just gotten over a serious leg injury. Senator Kennedy, however, wore a good bit of make-up, making him look tan and relaxed. After the listeners of the radio broadcast listened to the debate, they had thought that Nixon had won, but the audience of the televised program had declared Kennedy the winner.


Explain why citizens should be aware of the propaganda techniques used by advertisers and publishers.


Citizens should be very aware of propaganda techniques used by advertisers and publishers for their personal well-being. The main thing that a citizen should realize about advertisers and publishers



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