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Critical Thinking Analysis of Beowulf

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Essay Preview: Critical Thinking Analysis of Beowulf

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Critical Thinking Analysis of Beowulf

Beowulf is an archetype of a hero because he is a brave warrior, fights with honor, and

has saved countless lives. In the story about Beowulf, he uses critical thinking all of the time.

He had a very distinct thought process, which made him stand out as not an inexperienced

The first fight Beowulf gets into was a fight with Grendel. Grendel had burst into Heorot

and eats one of Beowulf’s men. Beowulf carefully observed him. Then, Grendel had tried to

grab Beowulf and realizes that Beowulf is stronger than he thought. They start to wrestle and

eventually, Beowulf rips out Grendel’s arm. After that, Grendel scurries back home, later to die.

The part of thinking that Beowulf conducted was interpretation. He was on the interpretation

level because Beowulf was carefully watching Grendel eat one of his men, which involves

Beowulf trying to make sense of his experiences. A type of resistance that showed up in

Beowulf’s fight with Grendel was anger. I think he was angry because he did not know how to

respond to Grendel eating one of his men, so he became angry and fought Grendel.

The second fight Beowulf gets into was with the dragon. Beowulf went to fight the

dragon with his men, not really think the consequences could be from fighting this gigantic

beast. In the fight, all of the men that went with Beowulf had ran into the woods because they

feared for their lives. The only warrior that stayed was named Wiglaf. He had helped Beowulf

fight the dragon. While they were in the fight, Beowulf had gotten bit by the dragon on his neck.

It greatly held him back. He eventually got back up and stabbed the dragon in the neck, while

Wiglaf stabbed the dragon in its stomach. I believe that Beowulf was in the experience stage of

thinking. That is because he did not know what to expect and also did not know that all of his

men would run away and be cowards. A restriction that showed up was struggling. That is




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