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Critical Analysis

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Carrie Stackpole

Husa 326 Chemical Dependency Counseling

Bath Center

Essentials of Chemical Dependency Counseling

Gary Lawson, Ann Lawson, and P. Clayton Rivers

Critical Analysis

Some good points in this book were how to be a good chemical dependency counselor . Different issues that each client has and how each client is treated based on what their needs are. The specifics in chapter 2 about what a counselor can do and what they shouldn't do about ethics were really helpful. Release forms and confidentiality are all important parts of being a good counselor. Chapter 2 also talks about the principles and how they protect both the client and the therapist.

The process that each counselor has to go through

to be a good therapist are very good. Each counselor needs to have knowledge about addiction and understanding of how to treat addicts effectively.

Another key concept was about how to handle clients with different diagnosis's. Some clients are dual diagnosed and counselors need to know how to treat them and should be knowledgeable about medical problems and different resources available to them. Each client is unique and has different issues. All of them need to be addressed and everything needs to come out in the open for effect treatment to work.

In chapter 11 some key concepts were how not to get burned out as a counselor. It talked about what an agency is actually like and what to expect when working in one. One point I found good was how to learn not to get to emotionally involved with the client. It is good to establish a good relationship, but disappointment may happen and being a drug counselor can be very demanding and frustrating.

Harm reduction was another good concept. I think it will help a lot of people if used properly. Some clients do not want treatment or want the minimum amount available to them. Counselors need to know how to respond to these types of clients. The counselor needs to try different techniques and ideas mentioned in this book, to motivate the client to want to recover and go through with treatment.

I liked how the book put each process in steps. It showed how to be really effective and treat a client the right way. I think seeing these examples helped me to develop how I would approach my client. I would assess their needs, find out their background information, and then plan out the best treatment plan that fits them. I would try and



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