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Critical Analysis Ii

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In the short story "The Shawl" and "The Things they carried". The characters are going through a difficult time. Both stories take place in a war zone. One of the stories takes place in a concentration camp. The character Rosa and her children are in a concentration camp. She is caring a infant named Magda and Rosa try to hide her in a shawl. But her other daughter Rosa gets jealousy because Magad gets to hide in the shawl to keep warm.

Magad had blue eyes to she must have been a German blood. Rosa have been raped while staying in the camp for her to be born blue eyed and blue hair. Rosa would hide her in the shawl during the routine checks of the barracks. But until one day she was not in the shawl and she screamed. Madga was seen by one of the guards. Since they was surrounded by a electric fence she was thrown on the fence and she died. Rosa could do run to save Magda because if she did they would shoot her so all she could do was watch.

Some of the archetypes found in the story "The Shawl" were Every morning Rosa conceal Magda under the shawl. The morning can mean a new beginning or a new day and anything can be expected. When Magda is killed Rosa says she see Magda as a butterfly flying away. A butterfly flying away my have different meaning such as her being free from all the trouble she has gone through. Also that she is ok and not to worry about her.

The theme of the story is in the first paragraph when is explains the way the family is living in the concentration camp. How they receive nothing to eat and its cold. When Rosa hides Magda and how she is protected being in the shawl.

The other story is "The things they carried" is a story during a war. The characters all carry something that means something to them. They all carry the required things being a solider sun as guns, pocket knives, canteens of water. They all knew how much each objected weighed. One of the solider was First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross he carried letter from a girl he loved. But he knew that it would never become more then friends.

But I was the thing that kept him alive he would read them overnight before he would sleep and think about her. He would also carry a pebble that Martha had gave him. She had told him that she had got it at the beach and it remind her of him. They would see their fellow soldier being shot and trying everything



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