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Cpmgt 305 - Preliminary Project Plan

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Essay Preview: Cpmgt 305 - Preliminary Project Plan

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Preliminary Project Plan


Preliminary Project Plan

This document is a preliminary project plan. It is associated with an additional Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet. Within this document is a well-defined project overview; preliminary project schedule; and preliminary project budget. The overview will describe the scope and nature of the project. The preliminary project schedule will of course highlight a schedule summary, as well as identify required tasks, including associated primary deliverables and activities. The preliminary budget plan will divulge cost estimates; including resources, capital expenses, materials, and miscellaneous expenditures. Labor, rentals, purchases, travel, telecommunications, supplies, and materials will be factored into the documentation.


Boardman Management Group was founded in the 1994 (Apollo Group, Inc., 2012). Originally located in the town of Kelsey, the company oversaw a series of small cottages and local hotels. As the company grew it developed crucial relationships with influential Chamber of Commerce members, and the Baderman Family. In 2004, the organization won the opportunity to oversee management operations of the Baderman Island Resort.

Project Overview

Recently, the Meredith Visitor Center was completed on Baderman Island. It’s a beautiful, 10,000 square foot, two-story building. To maximize its management of the Baderman Island Resort, the Boardman Management Group has decided to move its base of operations to the island. Of course, the group will continue to manage all of it offsite properties as well. The complete second floor of the visitor center is unused, and could certainly be a perfect fit for the Boardman Management Group. To ensure success, the company has decided to conduct the move as a separate project.

Outcomes or Expected Benefits

The project will ultimately fill unused space, and allow Baderman Island Resort to be managed directly by the Boardman Management Group. The Meredith Visitor Center is a beautiful 10,000 square foot, two-story building. The complete second floor of the building is completely vacant and currently unused. From a logistics and holistic standpoint, the move will save on communication costs, and boost company moral.

Project Schedule

The project is expected to last 191 days, and in reality, that’s a little over 6 months. Systemically, it will be broken into 6 phases. The first phase is projected to last 97 day, and is expected to occur 2 to 6 months prior to the actual move. The second phase will occur 1 to 2 months prior to moving day, and is expected to last 42 days. The third phase is projected to last 20 days, and is expected to occur 2 to 4 weeks prior to the moving date. The fourth phase will occur 1 day to 2 weeks before the move, and is expected to last 27 days. The fifth phase, moving day, is expected to last 2 days. Finally, the sixth phase is only expected to last 3 days. Currently, the project is scheduled to begin on February 20, 2014. Likewise, the project is scheduled to be completed on November 14, 2014.


  • Phase 1: Two To Six Months Before Moving Day
  • Phase 2: One To Two Months Before Moving Day
  • Phase 3: Two To Four Weeks Before Moving Day
  • Phase 4: One Day To Two Weeks Before Moving Day
  • Phase 5: Moving Day
  • Phase 6: Post-Move

Work Breakdown Structure

Here is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), displayed as an image file, which clearly outlines each phase of the project. It also articulates each required task, below the associated phase.

[pic 1]

Preliminary Project Timeline

        Here is the project timeline, displayed as an image file, which clearly depicts the expected amount of time to be spent on the project.

[pic 2]

Project Budget

Currently, the project budged is $153,652. Project work (labor costs) are expected to be $81,152. Likewise, project expenses are expected to be $72,500. Phase one of the project is expected to cost $43,920. Phase two is expected to cost $64,820. Phase three is expected to cost $24,456. Phase four is expected to cost $17,768. Phase five is expected to cost $968. Finally, phase six is expected to cost $1720.

Project File in Microsoft Project Format

Here is the project file in MS Project format. It illustrates all aspects of the proposed project, including the Gantt chart, resources, budget, and schedule.

[pic 3]

Project File in Excel Format

        Here is the project file in MS Excel format. It illustrates the schedule and expected costs.

[pic 4]

Human Resources

Internally, the company currently has a number of key personnel that will be instrumental in the move. These positions include; Telecommunications Administrator, Network Support Manager (Network Operations Manager), Accounting Manager, and Webmaster (Sr.). Realizing a need for select resources, the organization has decided to hire a number of key positions for this project. These positions include; Chief Relocation Officer (Project Manager III), Office Manager, Mailroom Administrator (Mailroom Manager), Environmental Engineer (Level III), Cleaning Services (Executive Housekeeper), and Movers (General Laborer). Additionally, it would be advisable for the Boardman Management Group to contract services from the local telephone company, and potentially utilize the services of a Field Service Rep. III. Of course, the local telephone company should provide their own telecommunications equipment.

Labor (Expensed) Costs



Hourly Cost

Total Cost

Chief Relocation Officer (Project Manager III)

$45 per hour


Office Manager

$31 per hour


Telecommunications Administrator

$45 per hour


Network Support Manager (Network Manager)

$49 per hour


Mailroom Administrator (Mailroom Manager)

$32 per hour


Environmental Engineer (Level III)

$40 per hour


Accounting Manager

$42 per hour


Local Phone Company (Field Service Rep. III)

$31 per hour


Cleaning Service (Executive Housekeeper)

$22 per hour


Webmaster (Sr.)

$39 per hour


Movers (General Laborer)

$14 per hour


(Courtesy of Adams, BIN Insurance Holdings LLC., City of Seattle, & Consumer Agent Portal)



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