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Cousutling Company Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Cousutling Company Business Plan

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Table of content

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Business concept------------------------------------------------------------------2

1.2 Current situation-------------------------------------------------------------------2

1.3 Key success factors---------------------------------------------------------------3

1.4 Financial situation/needs---------------------------------------------------------3

1.5 Financial consideration-----------------------------------------------------------3

2.0 Vision

2.1 Vision statement-------------------------------------------------------------------4

2.2 Milestones--------------------------------------------------------------------------5

3.0 Market Analysis

3.1 Summary---------------------------------------------------------------------------5

3.2 The Market and Segments-------------------------------------------------------6

3.3 Market trend-----------------------------------------------------------------------7

3.4 SWOT-------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

3.5 Advertising-------------------------------------------------------------------------8

3.6 Product/Services-------------------------------------------------------------------8

3.7 Price list-----------------------------------------------------------------------------9

3.8 Sales forecast-----------------------------------------------------------------------9

3.9 Cost of service---------------------------------------------------------------------9

4.0 Strategy and Implementation

4.1 Strategy----------------------------------------------------------------------------10

4.2 Competitive Analysis------------------------------------------------------------10

5.0 Financial Plan

5.1 Start up cost-----------------------------------------------------------------------12

5.2 Monthly costs---------------------------------------------------------------------13

5.3 Gross margin----------------------------------------------------------------------13

5.4 Net income pro forma------------------------------------------------------------13

5.5 Break even analysis--------------------------------------------------------------14

Executive Summary

Business Concept

Pacific Project Consulting Corporation (PPCC) is a LLC that provides various Project Management professional information including test information and lessons of Project Management Profession (PMP) certification and assistance of Project problem in the companies that need Project Management expertise. The project management training program in terms of individuals, companies and governments will be the major business in the PPCC. The management team will locate in Taipei, Taiwan but the service will be spreading globalization. PPCC is a start-up business and our service will concentrate on Project Management area. PPCC will market its service as a training and information center of PM.

Current situation

The concepts associated with project management have been used almost since the beginning of time. But the field of project management became a recognized occupational profession in 1984 when the Project Management Institute (PMI) began certifying Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Project Management has getting more and more attention over past few years. In 2004, according to the report of Project Management Institute (PMI), there are 70,000 PMP in the world but 60% sits in United State. Only 101 people in Taiwan got the PMP certification. Over past few years, thanks to the contribution and attention of government and industries, people have become more and more valued and understood Project Management. A lot of organizations request their managers to absorb the Project Management knowledge or even require the professional certification (PMP). Some small-mid companies donÐŽ¦t have project management department, they lack the professionals to run a project or encounter some problems during a project. The project management solution companies and project management lessons become prevalent over the years in Taiwan.

Taiwan now is the place that has rapid and enormous requirement for PM, or PMP certification. However, there are very few private training institutions to help public or companies to understand and acquire relevant information about PM, or PMP certification in Taiwan.

Key success factors

Ñ"е Sound project management team and system.

Ñ"е Time to market (speed)

Ñ"е Quality (control)

Ñ"е Price (lower)

Ñ"е Marketing (successful advertising and promotion)

Ñ"е Enroll 45 trainees in the first year

Ñ"е Taken on a project per year

Financial situation/needs

PPCC will need $50,000 to start. In the initial start-up, PPCC will lease a physical office for meeting and teaching space. The management team will work and cooperate depends on case by case. The rest expense will be laying on advertising cost on TV, internet, newspaper and magazines.

Financial consideration

The initial start-up investment in capital will be $50,000. We plan to have around 9% sales growth in year 2 and 10% in year3. We plan to control the cost increase around 5% on the yearly basis. The gross margin will have 30% growth in the first three year.



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